Children of Light ~ I Am You Are We Are One!

Welcome Gathered Masters and Masters that will soon be gathered. Our time has come to unite and usher in a new vibration. We are here to create a world that works for everyone. Together we can!

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Eden Event ~ Children of Light Conference’

In Early 1995 Joe Crane was told to write his first book “Blessings Gifts and Deeds (Building Your Celestial Mansion in Paradise) . Joe was told by the angel in his first book to gather seven masters and teach them to teach. From that The Children of Light started as “The Eden Event”. Where those that had been gathered came together with willful spiritual intent.  We held nine events throughout the United States setting “The Boundaries of Eden”. The following years the yearly gathering evolved into what we now call The Grand Gathering.

Conferences/Events by year and their purpose.(Page in Progress)

2003 Elgin Illinois

2004 Austin Texas

2005 Hiawassee Georgia

2006 Estes Park Colorado

2007 Deer Creek Ohio

2008 Yellow Stone Montana

2009 Virginia Beach Virginia

2010 Reno Nevada

2011 Crystal Springs Arkansas

The Children of Light Conferences Begins –

2012 Aurora Colorado

2013 Kansas City Missouri

2014 Park City Utah

2015 Atlanta Georgia

2016 Children of Light Conference Milwaukee Wisconsin

2017 Children of Light Conference Denver Colorado

2018 Children of Light ~A Grand Gathering~ Dallas Texas

The Children of Light Conference ~ A Grand Gathering
Colorado Springs, CO, June 26-29

Elegante Hotel Conference & Event Center, 2886 South
Circle Drive, Colorado Springs CO 80906

  Reservations: 719- 576-5900


The Early bird special cost is $225, a
savings of over $75 Less that $100 a day for this life changing event!

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Blessings Gifts and Deeds Full Book


In 1995 Joe Crane had the first of many visits with an Angel. The Angel asked Joe to gather seven “Masters” and teach them to teach. You can read Joe’s first book Blessings Gifts and Deeds Here When you are finished with the book and want to read more Visit Here to read the continuing visits Joe has had over the years on the archive site

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You can find Joe Cranes website Here and you can find our archive visits site Here