First Facebook Live ~Gatherings, yeah we can still do those….~

This evening was the first Facebook Live Video, it went well and we will be doing many more. Here is the video for those of you that couldn’t make it. Stay tuned, much more will be happening in the coming weeks. I look forward to being in service to you!


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Gatherings, yeah we can still do those 😉

Posted by Dave Savedra on Thursday, August 23, 2018

May Visit 2018 ~ From Joe Crane

May2018 Visit

 So here I was sitting at home alone with Randall and his girlfriend gone and Gabby at her moms house I have the house all to myself. I decided now would probably be a good time to start a newsletter. No longer then it took me to pull up a file to start writing, when I heard my name called from the office. I knew exactly what that was about. I knew that Michael had come for a visit given we are as close to the conference as we are. I got up off the couch and headed to the office. As I rounded the corner I could see Michael standing in the center of the gate of grace. Even though the sun was shining in and the house was lit up by it Michael’s light still out shown the light from outside. As I approached the gate of grace with Michael standing in it I told him I had expected to see him earlier. He just cast his gazes in my direction and spoke.

Michael… It is time for us to speak for soon you will gather in Dallas. I know you are troubled with the numbers that have registered to be there. Do not concern yourself with this. You’re kind was given an opportunity to change the course of the chaos in the world. Our kind has done and are doing every thing we are allowed to do to make this so. Yet you must realize you’re kind has free will and can bring about what they desire. You were given a number that was large enough to raise the vibration that is needed. If they find no value in this so be it. Yet I tell you truly the number for this is not that important. Those that stand with you will bring about a change. It may not be the larger change you were hoping for yet one will come about.

I thought that was the whole reason for the conference this year. I kind of feel like if we can’t get the number why bother.

Michael… Did you not hear the things I have given? Should it only have been about the number I would not have given you so much for the masters. It is not the number alone that can bring about such a change. It is the masters that will have the power to do this. You are to bring about the space for the marriage of the divine masculine and divine feminine. When you bring these two vibrations together in oneness you create balance. You have speakers to teach of this with you. No master will walk away from the conference this year who’s life will be unchanged. The masters have been coming to the conference for years and each time their vibrations grows. When new masters come their vibrations are raised to the vibrations of the masters that have come year after year. In this time the masters at the conference are ready to receive the highest vibrations that have yet ben given to your kind.

Okay Michael I have some questions and some comments to make so that I know that I am clear on what it is I’m hearing you say. With all of these things you’ve given me to do at the conference this year I do see that it’s more than just having 222 people there. Okay so as I see it the number you gave us is the number needed to be able to use all of the vibrations we will be getting at the conference in order to change the world. I guess you could say it’s kind of a byproduct of the conference. Now even if we don’t get the number we’re still going to be able to create something new. It may not go out to the entire world but it’s not like nothing will happen.

Michael… This is so.

With what you’ve given me we will also be doing the marriage of the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine. The ceremony you’ve given me to perform at the conference is really cool. I’m sure everyone will want to be there for it. When this happens the masters will also receive balance in their lives. Now when this happens the masters will be in a whole new place in their lives. I think with this balance they will make fewer mistakes because their minds and thinking will become clear.

Michael… This is also true. Old considerations and ways of thinking will begin to melt away opening the way to create the life they truly desire.

As you suggested, I have speakers on the first day that will be teaching new concepts. This will open them up to receive and use higher vibrations that Gary, Regina and myself will be offering. Gary will be speaking on both the divine masculine and divine feminine. He will also speak about the divine marriage. Gary and Regina together will also teach of the seat of mercy and show people how to create one. Once the seats are set up people will be able to use them at the conference and raise their vibration. I will be teaching about the tree of life and how to use the Sefirah in the tree of life. Through teaching this I will be able to bring them to the Sefirot that is hidden or secret known as the Da’ath, which is referred to as the energy of creation, the beginning of all things in our physical world. I will also be giving the blessing this year, which is a pre-requisite to entering the Da’ath. All I need to do now is see how many will attend so I know how big to make the grand formation. I am also needing to do a dress rehearsal to make sure that everyone will fit in the formation.

Michael… From what you’ve said you have everything planned out quite well.

I have put a lot of work in this to have it happen. I have also had help from the conference committee working in the background to have this happen. I know you angels will send them many blessings and I know they will have made many bricks for their mansion. I would like to think it’s all downhill from here and it will get easier but I know better. I am been doing this long enough to know that no matter how well I have it planned out something is going to go wrong there is going to be a breakdown. And whenever there is a breakdown it just has to be handled so for me the work begins a couple of days before the conference and doesn’t end until the day after the conference. So tell me again why am I doing this?

Michael… You are doing this because you choose to. Our time is done for now. We will be with you at the conference so from now until then be at peace and teach only love.

I just stood there looking at Michael surrounded in the ball of light. I must say he looks so magnificent and definitely inspires awe to behold him. I continued the watch as he began to fade and folded back into the light. He was gone but he did leave me with some good information, which I am now going to impart to you,

Bless your heart’s I’ll see you at the conference.


You can find this and all of the archived Angel Visits at

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Webinar Part 2 … The God Geometry—Journey to Self-Ascension

Since the first webinar on “The God Geometry” sold out, I’ve decided to continue the series with this upcoming webinar on May 6 at 2p on Sunday, with Part 2. The first webinar has gotten rave reviews, so I’m hoping to do even better with Part 2. Cost is by donation so that any and all may participate. You may register by going to my website at and clicking on the rotating banner.

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The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) Blessing for the Home

The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) Blessing for the Home
Although there are many processes for this Blessing, we will be using this version because it serves our purposes best. These are the instructions as the Angel Michael has given them to me.

We will be doing this on Saturday after sundown in keeping with Hebrew tradition. This blessing is used to bring good fortune, health, as well as adding an extra 10 years to one’s lifespan. Our purpose in using this is to prepare ourselves by raising our vibration with the Blessing of the Shekinah in our homes. Michael and I understand that doing this every Saturday may be a problem for some. If so, then do it twice a month. If that is too much, then do it at least once a month between now and the time we meet at the next Conference.

These are the things you will need.
You can find these items on the website store here here: 

A charcoal burner with self-lighting charcoal and a 2ml bottle of the I Am oil.
The sacred ancient lamp holder and one votive candle. Two stick candles may be substituted.
One Shekinah flame and one Metatron flame.
The Shekinah fork and the Metatron fork
One 2ml Shekinah oil.
One white hand towel or cloth large enough to place on your head and cover your eyes.
Two loaves of bread, olive oil or butter and some grated Parmesan cheese.
French or Italian bread is suggested; however for smaller groups, use the loaves of bread as you would use to make hero sandwiches.. In my case I live alone, so I will use 2 dinner rolls. God and Shekinah are very understanding.

Let’s get started.
You will need to set a table with the things I have mentioned.

Clear off a table and place the incense burner to the right of the table. Take a small piece of the self-lighting charcoal and put a drop of the IAM oil on it.
Say the Seven Names of God as you light the charcoal. This will clear and clean the space.

The names are:
Sri Rom, Elohim, Buddha, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda, Allah, El Shaddai

Set the oil lamp and 2 votive candles on the table. This represents the masculine and feminine and aspects of God.

In the center of the two candles, place the Shekinah violet flame and ring the Shekinah fork. (If you have one.)

Place the Metatron flame about 8 inches in front of the Shekinah flame away from you and ring the Metatron fork.

Place the bread and olive oil or butter to the left of the table.

Place a drop of Shekinah oil on your crown and on others participating in the process with you. As you place the oil say:
Yad Hey Shekinah.

The candles are to be lit by the woman of the household. The tradition is that she covers her head with a scarf first. If a woman is not available to do the lighting, a man with his head uncovered will be fine.

After lighting, she waves both her hands over the candles symbolically pulling the light and the smoke in towards her face, welcoming in the Sabbath. Then she covers her eyes, so as not to see the candles before reciting the blessing, and recites the blessing below:
May the Shekinah bless and keep us enfolded in her compassion and unconditional love for all time. Om Shekinah Om, Om Shekinah Om. Amen.

The hands are then removed from the eyes, and she looks at the candles, completing the ritual of lighting the candles.

Then she will say:
Dear Heavenly Father, Blessed and praised are you Shekinah,The Queen of all of the Heavens and of all of the Earth, you who sanctified us by the Holy words of God, and you who commanded us to light the Sabbath lights. All praise and glory only unto you, the only Holy One. Amen and Amen

The Sabbath table should be set with at least two candles, representing the dual Commandments to remember. In observation of the Sabbath, at least two loaves of any uncut bread, like a French bread are used. This bread, called challah loaves are warmed and then sliced to enjoy during the evening. The bread slices are dipped in a type of a marinade, a combination of Parmesan cheese mixed with olive oil. Pour out a small pile of the Parmesan cheese onto a small plate and then cover it with some virgin olive oil and simply mix the two together with a fork.

Each person dips their warmed bread slices into this marinade for a delightful taste. Should you try this marinade and find it not to your liking, you can simply substitute it with butter applied to the warm bread. The loaves represent the dual portion of manna that God provided for the Israelites in preparation for the Sabbath in the desert. The loaves should be uncut and heated at first, then covered with a towel or napkin to keep them warm.

Before a bite of food enters your mouth, say this grace before eating.
As a child of God I bless the food that it enrich my body and nourish my soul. Amen.)

This is a call for The Shekinah (the Holy Spirit) to come and spend the evening with you and your family. When She comes, you will experience your home filled with what is called “joyful peace.” Your house being filled with peace and “coziness” is your reward for invoking this blessing.

According to tradition, the Sabbath starts on Friday Night at sundown but it can be done on any other night of the week. Saturday evening was picked because it works for most people. The Shekinah will come whenever She is politely and formally invited. You honor Her and She will honor you.