The Vibration Heard Round the World

Congratulations to all of you,

It is becoming increasingly apparent that we are stepping into the greatest moment in human history. There are large groups around the world, who are connected with our own work as Sevens, who are not only co-creating a more positive world along with us, they are also providing impressive feedback as to what results are being registered. At first, I was disappointed that the Global Conscious Project Quantum Eggs at Princeton University did not show effect from the Equinox Global Meditation, as it had for the last three global meditations I have co-sponsored. But then I started to hear from several of you around the world. And here is what I have to report.

The focus of our intent was to co-create a new reality of New Life, that exemplifies Oneness, Beauty, and Wholeness. What I heard from many and saw firsthand with the Denver group was that this showed up in each and every one of us. We are the faces of positive change in our world. It is through us that the world is reflected, that the world is transformed. And particularly in this case, as I am prone to do, I was looking outward at the world for evidence, when in fact this time the evidence was in each and every one of you.

At our Denver gathering, after the Gatekeepers closed the Gateway and the Masters of Ceremony closed the sacred space with the finishing words, “Let this be said: Be at peace and teach only love,” everyone just sat there. And continued sitting there. No one was leaving. I started looking around to see if I had missed something. But no. The script was finished and the sacred space closed. But no one wanted to leave. I surmised that was because the vibrations in the room were simply beyond anything I had witnessed. It was about more than energy, more than the joy of coming together, more than enjoying the company of 120 like-hearted meditators and manifesters. It was like we had co-created this wondrous bubble of bliss and beauty and wholeness, and no wanted to walk away from it. Could it be that we actually sent this out into a world in transformation? Dozens came up eventually to tell me they had never ever experienced such feelings, such a vibration of otherworldliness. Many who were blessed with second-sight began describing the vast numbers of Other-dimensionals who had joined us. Our efforts went beyond just our own planet. It touched other worlds and the otherworldly. 

And then I started hearing from many of you who were reporting similar experiences of this most amazing vibration. And that was the word that kept coming up: “vibration.” It was as if the word “energy” simply could not accurately convey the meaning of what happened. Dave Savedra gave a heartfelt description of the vibration his California group experienced. Deb Maslowski shared how the vibration was so strong that it stayed with her all night. And when she got up the next day to open her drawer of tuning forks, she heard her Omega Tuning Fork softly ringing all on its own, leaving her with the feeling that it was still responding to the incredible vibration she had experienced the night before.

So congratulations all. What a heart-filling time I had with all of you. You are miraculous. 

I’ll close with a comment Dave Savedra said as he signed off … because I fully agree with him. Wait till you feel the vibration we will co-create at the Dallas Grand Gathering. Because we are truly stepping into the greatest moment of human history.

from my heart to yours,


The God Geometry: Part 1 April 8th 2018 ~ Webinar with G.W. Hardin


A thousand blessings to you all,

The first webinar (The God Geometry: Part 1) is coming up on April 8, 2018 (some 2 weeks away). My sincere gratitude for those of you who have registered. I have 15 slots remaining before the webinar is sold out. I’ve left those open to the Sevens predominantly, especially those attending the Dallas Grand Gathering in June. So if there are any of you who are thinking of registering, now would be a good time, since I will open registration to the general public next Tuesday, March 27. My last 5 workshops have sold out. So I would expect the webinar to sell out at that point. 

I’m attaching the flyer for the webinar so you don’t have to go searching for it. In a day or two I will send out another message about the amazing Global Equinox Meditation. Off the charts. Heartfelt thanks to all of you.

from my heart to yours,



Harmony of the Spheres March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Relaxing Chakra Tuning and Centering Meditation

This gathering is designed to enrich your spirit through sound, meditation, and self-discovery.


* With a system of sound developed by Pythagoras, learn how the Chakra Set of tuning forks opens a gateway for spiritual healing through a 12 chakra system. We start with the heart where healing begins. From the heart we move down to the solar plexus chakra(mental), to the throat chakra(spiritual/mental). Next is the naval chakra(emotional) and up to the third eye chakra(spiritual/emotional). Then to the root chakra(physical) up to the crown chakra(spiritual/physical). Finally we go beyond the traditional 7 chakras of the body zig-zagging out form the heart completing the circuit with 4 “outer” chakras offering an experience of empowering grace.


* Find out which one of the 7 archetypal gifts you hold. As there are 7 colors of the rainbow so is there a color of the rainbow to be uncovered for you, allowing for self-realization and eventual mastery of traps. Information will be provided to help guide you to your color and your dynamic “helper” color.


* Open discussion.


* We finish with the Centering meditation accompanied by the sounds of the chakra tones in a guided meditation.


Harmony of the Spheres is a great way to hold balance and peace in one’s life.


Purpose: Elevating your being, motivating, indulging a peaceful state, and building community.


Location: Awakenings Wellness Center

1016 SE 12th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214


Accommodations: chairs, cushions, backjacks, mats, heated floor, kitchen space, and air conditioning.


Donation: $10(no obligation).

RSVP via email for possible schedule updates.

To receive a chakra tuning during the session, reserve a spot by calling or emailing Geordan.



March 23rd and 30th for 6-7pm

April 4th,11th,16th, and 23rd for 5:30-6:30pm
May 10th, 17th, and 22nd 6-7pm.


If you are also interested in the Gate of Grace class, the Tree of Life Oils, or the Wholeness Blessing, Harmony of the Spheres may be a valuable place to start.


Hosted by Geordan Rupp,

Wholeness Blessing Facilitator

See for background or info on the Grand Gathering 2018


Call Geordan (760)815-2901                                              

For more information, visit:

The God Geometry ~ G.W. Hardin

From GW Hardin ~

Joe and I have talked it over. There is a tremendous amount of information leading up to the Dallas Grand Gathering that will be life-changing. And there simply is not enough time at the Grand Gathering to cover it all. Even Archangel Michael has agreed with this. So we’ve decided to put together a couple of online webinars that will prepare you for what many spiritual adepts consider to be one of the most significant opportunities in human history. You’ve heard it before. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” And the time is now.

The two webinars will prepare you for the punchline at the Dallas Grand Gathering: “You are given now the way to the Holy of Holies.”

Michael stated this on March 7, 2001. And many of us tried to take this to heart. However, what this now implies at this time is that we (and humanity in general) have gained the right to move into Self-Ascension. The angelic realm is not the only star nation saying this. So what does this say about us? It says that we are now in the position of co-creating a new kind of world. A world based on Oneness (the Divine Marriage), Wholeness (the coming together of Heaven and Earth), and Transformation (“You have opened the Gates of Eden, and you have only to walk through them.”)

When Archangel Michael gave us the secrets to the Sacred Solfeggio, hardly anyone knew anything about these tones. Yet, now, you can find hundreds of Youtube videos using or teaching these tones — and most of them inaccurate. It turns out the Sacred Solfeggio is the key to Cosmic Harmony, beyond what we been able to imagine. In the webinars we will touch on the tremendous implications of this Divine Harmony, and how we can use this Divine Harmony (in the Marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine) to assist us in our own Self-Ascension. It turns out that the Sacred Solfeggio tones are directly related to the Holy of Holies. At the Dallas Grand Gathering, you will be given a secret of the Holy of Holies that only the highest adepts have discovered until now. The two webinars will prepare you for this Secret of the Ages that allows us to move into realms of consciousness we have not known even existed.

Below is the flyer I’ve put together that you may pass around to others you know. Because the webinars will be most helpful in preparing all of you for the Grand Gathering, I’ve decided to make payment for the webinars by donation so that any and all of you may participate. I believe this information that important. If you cannot make the dates of the webinars, then simply email me ( and I’ll find a way of getting you the material before June. If the webinar sells out, I’ll find a way of presenting it again. The final talk on THE GOD GEOMETRY (Part 3) will be at the Grand Gathering. And it will not be broadcast. You really have to be there to experience what is being offered to you. You will be given the opportunity of sitting in the Seat of Mercy as preparation for what the 10 Gatekeepers will open up for all of you on Saturday, June 16, in the Grand Formation. To register, go to

Let it be stated bluntly. A thousand blessings to all of you who have and will participate in the Global Solstice and Equinox Events. This has played no small part in making possible one of the most significant events in human history — Self-Ascension.

To register for the next webinar, go to and click on the banner at the top that talks about registering for the webinar. That will take you to PayPal where you may make a donation for registration. That PayPal payment (credit card or PayPal payment) will then cause an email to be generated later that will give you access to the webinar. The webinar will be able to be seen on a computer, iPad (tablet), or smart phone.

from my heart to yours,

Grand Gateways of Unity from G.W. Hardin


Love to all of you,

A quick update to let you know how we are doing with our upcoming Spring Equinox Global Meditation. All of you who have RSVP-ed should have received the “Gateway Instructions,” the “Suggested Script”, and the “Sacred Solfeggio Symbols.” If you haven’t, please let me know.

So far we have 22 cities and over 175 people participating. Here are the cities and folks you may connect to if you wish:

Z Cottonwood 3 Nancy Scarangella

AZ Gilbert 10 Rick Welton   

AZ Mesa 1 Michelle Retz 

CA Alta Sierra 1 Shelby Sharie Cohen 

CA Stockton 15 Carol Kroenig 

CA Ojai 3 Sherif Sakr 

CA Pioneer 7 Dave Savedra 

CO Denver 75 GW/Regina Madsen

FL Fort Walton Beach 2 Patsy Benson 

FL Marathon 1 Sheila Traina 

TX  San Antonio 2 Joe Crane 

TX Odessa 1 Debbie McGill 

IA Williamsburg 3 Mary Shipley  

IL Chicago 5 Joanne Macko 

 7 Loni Alwin 

MN Elk River 1 Wendy Butlett  

OR Portland 10 Danny Cole 

 1 Martha Granda 

WA Seattle 2 Chris & Jane Bihary 

WA Spokane 8 Harvey Caine  

WI DePere  2 Cindy Parfitt 

WI Rosholt 1 Deb Maslowski 

Singapore, Indonesia 10 Arthur Lim 

Brampton, ON, Canada 8  Vince & Patricia 

A few of you have asked about using the seed packets in the Grand Gateway of Unity (Divine Marriage) as a symbol of “New Life,” the intention of this event. Our intent is to use our consciousness to help co-create and manifest Oneness as Harmony, Beauty, and Wholeness. When you all co-create your Grand Gateways, you will be tapping into a vibration that we have discovered and tested already with seeds. Here is a photo to illustrate that test. The Heirloom Wheat on the left was planted as usual and yielded typical grains. However, the Heirloom Wheat on the right was treated before planting with the vibrations that you will be co-creating with your Grand Gateways. The results speak for themselves. So let these seed packets serve as symbols of what we are choosing as a group to bring to our world. 

Would love to have more of you sign up for this event. Simply send a request to to get everything started.

from my heart to yours,


Equinox Global Event … Festival of New Life … March 20, 2018

By G.W. Hardin

Evidence keeps pouring in that a dynamic change occurred to our planet sometime after the Winter Solstice. New evidence is indicating we can make yet a greater difference as higher dimensional beings now recognize the surprising role humanity can play for the heavens as well as our Earth. Register your city/town to join this Sevens global unity event. Simply send a short email to noting the city, how many you expect to join you, and the contact person’s email address (address won’t be posted to prohibit spam). In return, you will receive the newest handouts for the Grand Gateway of the Divine Marriage, which you may set for your group to gather in. You will also receive instructions on how to build this new Grand Gateway as well as a new script for the Equinox Event.

We are now approaching the greatest moment in human history. The Winter Solstice Event was a resounding success with many of you asking us to call our community together again. This time we will add to the groundswell of efforts the co-creating of a far better world. People from around the globe will once more join us as we unite with one another to electrify the powers of group intent that will foster new life-purpose in our rapidly changing world.

This time we will assist in a most vital task — that of transforming our world by transforming ourselves with blessings of Harmony, revitalizing the forces that make us One. Three reputable sources have presented evidence that humanity is now capable of moving to an advanced level.

Join us as we gather together for the Festival of  New Life across the globe, as we help manifest a holistic planet using the powers of coherent intent that heal our minds, hearts, and souls as we once again co-create global Harmony. A perfect opportunity for you to choose to move your own life into greater resonance with peace, love, and healing.

I’ve spoken with Joe Crane on how this event will intimately lead into the Dallas GRAND GATHERING in June. I am working with Joe informing the Sevens the important role we may once again play in helping our world. I’ve agreed to give the keynote address at the Dallas Grand Gathering, and will also introduce you to my latest discoveries relating to how we not only participate in but assist our world to move into a global ascension process. Michael once stated that we as the Sevens have already opened the Gates of Eden. All we had to do was walk through those gates. This is the time. Let’s walk together.

from my heart to yours,

Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual Discipline

Spiritual discipline is the way one acts on their spiritual path. Many grow in spiritual knowledge sharing it with others in words both spoken and written. Lofty words of loving ways of being pour forth from the mouths to change the world as if words alone are enough. It is in the actions that are taken demonstrating their words that change the world. It is easy to stay your path when others agree with you in your words and do not call you to service. When life lays on you its hardships and concerns your kind may stop your journey along the path or choose an easier path.

Many see that which is in their lives and decide that they must choose one or the other. It is in these times one must hold true to their spiritual path. Only the spiritual discipline of the soul put into action can bring a master to greatness. For the master that would let the vision of a return of Eden guide them can bring about such a world. It is spiritual discipline that takes away the choice of one or the other and gives in return that the only choice is both. More often then not this discipline that you hold your self to will gain more then it will cost you.

~ Haniel Feb/2006 ~