Equinox Global Event … Festival of New Life … March 20, 2018

By G.W. Hardin

Evidence keeps pouring in that a dynamic change occurred to our planet sometime after the Winter Solstice. New evidence is indicating we can make yet a greater difference as higher dimensional beings now recognize the surprising role humanity can play for the heavens as well as our Earth. Register your city/town to join this Sevens global unity event. Simply send a short email to teachonlylove@yahoo.com noting the city, how many you expect to join you, and the contact person’s email address (address won’t be posted to prohibit spam). In return, you will receive the newest handouts for the Grand Gateway of the Divine Marriage, which you may set for your group to gather in. You will also receive instructions on how to build this new Grand Gateway as well as a new script for the Equinox Event.

We are now approaching the greatest moment in human history. The Winter Solstice Event was a resounding success with many of you asking us to call our community together again. This time we will add to the groundswell of efforts the co-creating of a far better world. People from around the globe will once more join us as we unite with one another to electrify the powers of group intent that will foster new life-purpose in our rapidly changing world.

This time we will assist in a most vital task — that of transforming our world by transforming ourselves with blessings of Harmony, revitalizing the forces that make us One. Three reputable sources have presented evidence that humanity is now capable of moving to an advanced level.

Join us as we gather together for the Festival of  New Life across the globe, as we help manifest a holistic planet using the powers of coherent intent that heal our minds, hearts, and souls as we once again co-create global Harmony. A perfect opportunity for you to choose to move your own life into greater resonance with peace, love, and healing.

I’ve spoken with Joe Crane on how this event will intimately lead into the Dallas GRAND GATHERING in June. I am working with Joe informing the Sevens the important role we may once again play in helping our world. I’ve agreed to give the keynote address at the Dallas Grand Gathering, and will also introduce you to my latest discoveries relating to how we not only participate in but assist our world to move into a global ascension process. Michael once stated that we as the Sevens have already opened the Gates of Eden. All we had to do was walk through those gates. This is the time. Let’s walk together.

from my heart to yours,

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