Grand Gateways of Unity from G.W. Hardin


Love to all of you,

A quick update to let you know how we are doing with our upcoming Spring Equinox Global Meditation. All of you who have RSVP-ed should have received the “Gateway Instructions,” the “Suggested Script”, and the “Sacred Solfeggio Symbols.” If you haven’t, please let me know.

So far we have 22 cities and over 175 people participating. Here are the cities and folks you may connect to if you wish:

Z Cottonwood 3 Nancy Scarangella

AZ Gilbert 10 Rick Welton   

AZ Mesa 1 Michelle Retz 

CA Alta Sierra 1 Shelby Sharie Cohen 

CA Stockton 15 Carol Kroenig 

CA Ojai 3 Sherif Sakr 

CA Pioneer 7 Dave Savedra 

CO Denver 75 GW/Regina Madsen

FL Fort Walton Beach 2 Patsy Benson 

FL Marathon 1 Sheila Traina 

TX  San Antonio 2 Joe Crane 

TX Odessa 1 Debbie McGill 

IA Williamsburg 3 Mary Shipley  

IL Chicago 5 Joanne Macko 

 7 Loni Alwin 

MN Elk River 1 Wendy Butlett  

OR Portland 10 Danny Cole 

 1 Martha Granda 

WA Seattle 2 Chris & Jane Bihary 

WA Spokane 8 Harvey Caine  

WI DePere  2 Cindy Parfitt 

WI Rosholt 1 Deb Maslowski 

Singapore, Indonesia 10 Arthur Lim 

Brampton, ON, Canada 8  Vince & Patricia 

A few of you have asked about using the seed packets in the Grand Gateway of Unity (Divine Marriage) as a symbol of “New Life,” the intention of this event. Our intent is to use our consciousness to help co-create and manifest Oneness as Harmony, Beauty, and Wholeness. When you all co-create your Grand Gateways, you will be tapping into a vibration that we have discovered and tested already with seeds. Here is a photo to illustrate that test. The Heirloom Wheat on the left was planted as usual and yielded typical grains. However, the Heirloom Wheat on the right was treated before planting with the vibrations that you will be co-creating with your Grand Gateways. The results speak for themselves. So let these seed packets serve as symbols of what we are choosing as a group to bring to our world. 

Would love to have more of you sign up for this event. Simply send a request to to get everything started.

from my heart to yours,


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