October 2018 Children of Light Newsletter by Joe Crane



October 2018 Joe Crane Newsletter

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October 2018 Newsletter

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve sent out a newsletter but I just didn’t have any news. I had been waiting for another visit from Michael before I wrote up a newsletter but he still hasn’t showed up. I figure I have waited long enough, so here’s the newsletter on what’s going on.

2019 Conference
I’m working on getting a place for the conference next year in Colorado and I’m looking at a couple of places, one being Denver and the other in Colorado Springs. I just have to see where we can get the biggest bang for our buck. Once again, I’m going to be offering an Early Bird special at $225 to help me come up with money for a deposit when I do find the hotel. I know this is more than last year but Colorado rental rates are a bit higher. So if you’d like to register for the lower-cost, now would be a good time to do so.
You can register from the website homepage here.

Once again, this early bird special will continue until I get the money needed for the deposit. I will let you know where were going to be holding the conference this year as soon as I find a hotel and work out a contract with them. As soon as I do I will get the information up on the webpage.

 Tuning Forks
For those of you who are thinking about purchasing tuning forks, I need to let you know that as of November 1, 2018 the price will be going up on all tuning forks. I talked with my suppliers and they told me the cost of their raw material has gone up. Given the tuning forks are an aluminum alloy material, their cost has gone up due to the tariffs.

I also want to remind all of you about using the Da’ath process you got at the conference last year. It increases your creative energy and helps to bring about the things you desire in your life. Remember that each time you visit the Da’ath, your ability to bring about a real change grows. We have been given a great gift, so please use it.

Now, last but not least. On November 6 you are given an opportunity to have your voice heard. When I was in the military I had the opportunity to serve my country. Now as a civilian and a veteran I have the opportunity to serve my country again. I VOTE. Let’s face it, the spiritual work we do we do is because we want to make a difference. Here is an opportunity for the masters to make a difference.


Bless Your Hearts

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