The God Geometry ~ G.W. Hardin

From GW Hardin ~

Joe and I have talked it over. There is a tremendous amount of information leading up to the Dallas Grand Gathering that will be life-changing. And there simply is not enough time at the Grand Gathering to cover it all. Even Archangel Michael has agreed with this. So we’ve decided to put together a couple of online webinars that will prepare you for what many spiritual adepts consider to be one of the most significant opportunities in human history. You’ve heard it before. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” And the time is now.

The two webinars will prepare you for the punchline at the Dallas Grand Gathering: “You are given now the way to the Holy of Holies.”

Michael stated this on March 7, 2001. And many of us tried to take this to heart. However, what this now implies at this time is that we (and humanity in general) have gained the right to move into Self-Ascension. The angelic realm is not the only star nation saying this. So what does this say about us? It says that we are now in the position of co-creating a new kind of world. A world based on Oneness (the Divine Marriage), Wholeness (the coming together of Heaven and Earth), and Transformation (“You have opened the Gates of Eden, and you have only to walk through them.”)

When Archangel Michael gave us the secrets to the Sacred Solfeggio, hardly anyone knew anything about these tones. Yet, now, you can find hundreds of Youtube videos using or teaching these tones — and most of them inaccurate. It turns out the Sacred Solfeggio is the key to Cosmic Harmony, beyond what we been able to imagine. In the webinars we will touch on the tremendous implications of this Divine Harmony, and how we can use this Divine Harmony (in the Marriage of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine) to assist us in our own Self-Ascension. It turns out that the Sacred Solfeggio tones are directly related to the Holy of Holies. At the Dallas Grand Gathering, you will be given a secret of the Holy of Holies that only the highest adepts have discovered until now. The two webinars will prepare you for this Secret of the Ages that allows us to move into realms of consciousness we have not known even existed.

Below is the flyer I’ve put together that you may pass around to others you know. Because the webinars will be most helpful in preparing all of you for the Grand Gathering, I’ve decided to make payment for the webinars by donation so that any and all of you may participate. I believe this information that important. If you cannot make the dates of the webinars, then simply email me ( and I’ll find a way of getting you the material before June. If the webinar sells out, I’ll find a way of presenting it again. The final talk on THE GOD GEOMETRY (Part 3) will be at the Grand Gathering. And it will not be broadcast. You really have to be there to experience what is being offered to you. You will be given the opportunity of sitting in the Seat of Mercy as preparation for what the 10 Gatekeepers will open up for all of you on Saturday, June 16, in the Grand Formation. To register, go to

Let it be stated bluntly. A thousand blessings to all of you who have and will participate in the Global Solstice and Equinox Events. This has played no small part in making possible one of the most significant events in human history — Self-Ascension.

To register for the next webinar, go to and click on the banner at the top that talks about registering for the webinar. That will take you to PayPal where you may make a donation for registration. That PayPal payment (credit card or PayPal payment) will then cause an email to be generated later that will give you access to the webinar. The webinar will be able to be seen on a computer, iPad (tablet), or smart phone.

from my heart to yours,

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