The Grand Gathering 2018 Dallas Tx. ~ Children of Light Conference Line Up

The Grand Gathering 2018 ~ Children of Light Conference


Joe Crane  www.beatpeace.netJoe Crane
Angelic Teachings on Rejuvenation – Spreading the Child of Light Process

• Bestselling co-author and lecturer
• Servant to the Angels
• Recipient of the Angelic Book of Healing

The work of Joe Crane has made it possible for people from all walks of life to use tools for healing, self-improvement, and self-empowerment by working with the angels. He holds everyone as a perfect child of God.

G.W. Hardin
Keynote address as well as bring forth his latest discoveries relating to Secrets of Divine Harmony, such as the Xynchro™5D, the Harmonetic®Circ, and the Seat of Mercy (based on the angelic triads).

Here are a few of the topics he will present to those attending:

1. The Patterns of Creation Left by the Elohim

2. The 3 Great Secrets of the Divine Marriage:

   A. The Divine Union of the Metatron and the Shekina(the Tikkun)

 B. The Coming Together of Heaven and Earth (Human & Angelic DNA)

C. The Lost Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber (Jung’s “Mysterium Conjunctiones”)

3. History of the Angelic Ark of the Covenant and the Seat of Mercy

4. Tools to awaken the Miraculous Human Within

5. The Angelic Triads of Harmony — How to Co-Create a New World

6. The Sacred Solfeggio and How It Holds the Scientific Secret to Healing Our World

G. W. Hardin Bio:
As a New York Times bestselling author, GW Hardin has written or co-written eight books having to do with true stories about the extraordinary. Hardin specializes in the bringing together of opposite worlds, using science and scientific research as a backdrop to his unexplainable stories. He is one of the foremost authorities on sacred geometry—paralleling quantum physics with meta-messages from non-ordinary sources (the unbelievable).

As a lecturer, GW Hardin has presented talks at colleges and universities around the country and has given many keynote addresses at conferences. He has appeared numerous times on television and radio shows that have reached millions of people. The author received his degree in mathematics from the University of Washington. He currently is retired in Colorado.

Regina Madsen, founder of the Alchemist’s Tool Chest

Co-presenter with G.W. Hardin

Regina Madsen bio:
Regina Madsen has not only dedicated her life to helping humanity, as a registered nutritionist, she also is dedicated to helping pets, which she sees as boon companions to humankind. Her dedication is also reflected in her work as a practitioner in Reiki, Holodynamics, and Psych-K. Because her holistic approach reaches out to pets as well as humans, she has helped invent tools with GW Hardin that can help owners and pets alike in bringing wellness and harmony into lives.

As a mother of two wonderful grown kids, Regina has taken her life experiences in to assisting others. Currently she owns two different companies: The Alchemist’s Tool Chest — where she provides monthly lectures that provide holistic answers to people in search of their personal truths, and Xynchronicity — a company that creates products which bring Harmony that is Wellness for pets and people alike … because pets are inseparable from their humans. Her busy schedule includes sponsoring worldwide meditation events that lift up our world, and conferences that teach us how to more fully become ourselves through awareness.

Regina’s lifestyle is embodied in her motto: “I have nothing to prove, I only want to share.” She currently resides in Arvada, Colorado, with her family of pets.

Contact Regina for personal sessions:
303-489-1484 or by email

Dana U. Camp
Numbers 2 Success

Dana’s heartfelt insights and illuminations are incredibly powerful and can improve relationships with anyone in your life, including yourself! She will help you understand the plan you created for your journey including your purpose, strengths, and challenges. Dana will access this information with her natural gifts, the divine tool of numerology, and her connections to the divine. Her gentle delivery and guidance will leave you feeling loved, inspired and touched by her passion and compassion for your success and happiness in this lifetime.

Dana has been intuitive her entire life but struggled to explain what and how she knew things until she found her divine tool of numerology around the age of 30. Finally able to explain her intuition to others she hasn’t stopped sharing her gift helping others understand themselves and those they love for over 14 years.

Dana’s permanent office is located in the Guided By Angels – A Center for Healing Community Center, 10719 Mockingbird Drive, Omaha, NE 68127. She can be reach by phone, call or text to schedule full length sessions at: 402-960-0624

Music by:

Shawn Gallaway
Singer/songwriter, visual artist, author, ceremonial healer, workshop facilitator and Energy Worker. He has traveled throughout the world sharing his message of Healing Through the Arts, and branding Conscious Music, which is music with a purpose – to awaken the collective heart of humanity to Love! His I Choose Love song and global movement continues to encircle the world over, igniting the hearts of people everywhere to consciously move with Love each day in their relationships, actions, words, and commitments.

Shawn completed and released his sixth CD, “On The Way” which includes the theme song for  and has recently released the single and video Let’s Play on You Tube.

Shawn currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee USA and continues to tour and share his passion for healing through the arts and conscious music all over the world. You can find his music and art online at website

Laurell Eden
Musical Artist sharing her heart opening and exhilarating music throughout the event.

  • Critically acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and spiritual teacher. This American born artist earned a gold record, a #1 single and top-ten singles in Canada and Europe and her songs have charted in three continents
  • Billboard Magazine called her, “An ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious hooks”

Laurell believes that Music is the language of the soul, communicating love beyond words.  Songs created with a purity of heart can lift and transform us in a profound way and feels deeply privileged to share her music and connect with you.  website

Children and Family Rates:

Discounted Rates Available as follows:
Children’s Rates: Age 5 and under: Free
Ages 6-12: $75.00
Age 12 and older: Regular rate for the event (see above)

Family Rates:
At the hotel, Kids 17 and under stay free with an adult.
For the Conference registration families of three or more will receive a $50.00 per adult person discount. There are no family discounts on child rates. A ‘Family’ is defined as a couple with minor children, or a single parent with minor children, all attending the event. To get the family discount for 3 or more Joe Crane at (830) 751-2870

Vendor Booths
Vendor Booths available upon request $150.00 / 8′ table
Contact Joe Crane 830-751-2870 or email Joe


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