The Laminar Crystal Metatron Pendant

Introducing the Laminar Crystal Metatron Pendant! This beautiful Pendant was quietly charged in the formation at last years 2017 Children of Light Conference in Denver Colorado.  The vibration of this pendent is very strong. The Laminar Crystal Metatron Pendant has a calming feel to it. The pendant measures 1.5″ x 1.5″. It was inspired by the recent teachings of Joe Crane at his Divine Masculine classes he held throughout the year.  You can order your pendant by emailing Dave Savedra at The only other way to get your pendant is to attend the 2018 A Grand Gathering in Dallas Texas in June. Limited quantities of the supercharged pendents are available and they wont last long. Don’t delay email Dave to order today! You can order your pendant for $50.00 on line or $45.00 at the event in June! Visit to find more Laminar Crystal water structuring devices and high vibrating pendants!

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